The Interconnection of Life is no longer just the concern of mystics, philosophers and scientists. Technology has made it an unavoidable fact of our everyday lives, wherein the global interaction of news, ideas, cultures, economics, politics, environmental impact etc. has indeed created a Global Village.

There are many benefits resulting from this globalization process but, as throughout history, there are many negatives too. What makes the Challenge of our times unique is its scope and urgency. There are no new lands and resources to exploit; our drinking water carries an increasing number of recycled toxins; atmospheric changes are leading to polluted air, volatile climate and overall warming; many of the ocean's species are under threat; nuclear and other increasingly potent technologies mean that small groups or even accidents can kill and destroy on an unprecedented scale.

Interconnection means Oneness. Several of the world's great spiritual teachers have repeatedly pointed out this fact over the centuries, although it has never permeated human consciousness on a mass scale. The challenges of our times urgently require the recognition of our Oneness, since we need global cooperation and compassion in order to rise to them. We will not cooperate if individuals and groups are in competition for scarce resources, which is how our present social, economic and cultural systems are structured. Our present political and religious leaders are still preaching adversarial, competitive, 'growth' and (old economy) oil-based policies. There needs to be a radical shift of perspective and consciousness on both the individual and collective levels.

Andy James B.Sc, (Econ), FCA, MQT [view Andy's Bio] is a renowned teacher, healer and author, specializing in mind-body health and the transformation of behaviour and consciousness.

He is moved to do everything he can (with others) to help generate a critical mass of consciousness which recognizes the facts of Interconnection and Oneness and begins to apply it in all aspects of our everyday lives - politics, economics, the environment, health etc. He is a Co-director of the Forge Institute's Call to Global Spiritual Citizenship project ( and the Founder of the Tai Chi & Meditation Centre ( and Harmony Dawn sustainable energy retreat centre (